Being Able to Enjoy Your Life…

When you talk about enjoying life, it seems like one big opportunity and a difficult enterprise to many people—but it’s pretty simple, far easier than most people think.

Many of us wrongly equate enjoying life to having riches or all the beautiful things they dream of. For such people, it takes a hell lot than necessary to truly enjoy life.

The reality is, you can enjoy your life by enjoying the simple things around you. In fact, the big riches wouldn’t be able to compete with the fulfillment you would obtain from enjoying the little things that make your life beautiful.

Taking a few minutes each day to quietly sit and reflect (not to worry) on the positives of your life; the fact that you are live, you are not sick and you are able to hope for tomorrow is the starting point to enjoying your life.

If you have good friends, make time to meet up and have conversations (not banter) about ordinary things—and you would catch yourself smiling throughout. And if you do not have good friends, leave that computer friends on facebook behind and make some real friends for this purpose.

Just take regular walks around the park when you are free and enjoy the green with no worries. Leave your worries at home for the few minutes that you walk through the green. Read more

Be Happy With What You Have…


As human beings, we will always want more but that does not mean we should not be happy with what we have at any point in time—especially this moment. If you decide to be happy with what you have now, you would feel great and some of the hovering stress will disappear.

It’s a difficult exercise especially when you feel you are not at the stage you want to belong. But you cannot keep going if you do not take a minute to be happy with what you have achieved (where you are).

Being happy with what you have now or where you are today does not prevent you from creating more or moving further. It assures you that you can actually move forward and it serves as encouragement—putting you in a place where you can work to achieve more. Read more

Empty Prosperous New Year Messages | New Year Will Bring You Something GREAT Only If You Change Your Mindset

Happy New Year 2015 greeting card vector illustration

Out of self pity and the desire to achieve a lot without cultivating the needed conditions have given birth to this conception of ‘new year and prosperity’—I think.

The fact that each new year, people wish a lot of positive things into their lives and send out messages (mostly copied and pasted) to others prophesying greatness into their lives have not really yielded the needed greatness cannot stop this culture. And this is because, most human beings want things without working for them—or do not want to change anything but they expect different results with the same input.

It is quite a joke to think that, the mere fact that we have restarted the counting of the months means you are going to become a millionaire without changing anything about yourself or your mind.

Perhaps, it’s time someone is able to look into our faces and tell us the truth; nothing will change in your life in 2015 if you do not make a conscious effort to change your mindset and attitude. The only guaranteed change a New Year brings is; you become a year older per our way of measurement.

Unless you have some pending inheritance which you can get access to only by virtue of turning a certain age (time measurement), there is no point in being excited about some dreams you are not ready to work hard for.

If you were 25 years old last year and there is a million dollar sitting in a bank account for your to access when you turn 26, then you have every right to be joyful—but to simply shout and jump because a lot of greatness is coming your way in the new year is pretty absurd. Read more

What is the Point in Owning Things You Cannot Afford?

For certain, many people will die out of depression, heart attacks, sadness and constant thinking/worrying about certain material things when they lose them—an occurrence which has no space in the lives of a few smart people.

Recently, I was on a holiday with a female friend who lost her self-bought diamond ring which she claimed to have purchased for £9000 while swimming in the sea—and the rest of the days on the island turned into a world of depression for her.

Since she wouldn’t stop crying and she wouldn’t stop going on about her lost expensive ring and since I couldn’t afford to hand over to her £9000 cash to end the constant cry, I decided to ask some hard but real questions.

When I asked if she had taken out any sort of insurance for the ring, she said she checked on insurance during the purchase but the monthly payments were too expensive so she did not take one. At this stage, I said, “the fact that you cannot afford insurance on an expensive diamond ring simple means; you could not afford the ring too but you got it anyway”. And by this, I meant, she should not have bought that ring if she could not afford to lose it.

I can afford some expensive material things on a go but when it comes to such things, I do not purchase them because I simply can afford to buy them or want them—the most important catch for my evaluation is, can I afford to lose them?

Many people have several highly expensive things (subjective) in their possession and they take pride in the fact that they actually own these things. There is nothing wrong with owning expensive things if you like them and you can afford them. But the affordability concept must stretch to cover; can you afford to lose them without losing your mind or entire life?

Probably, I can afford a £30,000 BMW car but I do not own one. I have a BMW which is far less expensive and I can afford to lose it without actually getting worried. If I wake up tomorrow and my BMW is stolen, I will be pissed for a minute but that is how far I will go. I wouldn’t have to spend days or hours indoors, crying over it as my friend did over her lost ring.

I know someone who owns a Porsche and anytime the car breaks down, he goes into hibernation because he cannot bring himself to accept the Porsche Garage charges and spare parts cost.  Imagine what will happen to this friend if the car gets stolen or crashed into by a run-away driver? I bet he will fall dead on his pot belly… Read more

Being Jealous is Stupid…Things Are Never What They Seem

You cannot be everything in life and you cannot have everything either. Even the richest man on earth does not have it all, he is still lacking in certain aspects—and probably wants something that you have.

The fact that we cannot have it all or be it all means, we will be on different levels as different times, which is a recipe for jealousy.

There are people who set out in life to make others jealous by throwing to their faces what they’ve achieved, without considering how the others will feel about their inability to achieve or the delay in their set to achieve things. And there are those who go about their businesses, achieving as much as they can and yet, we find room in our hearts to be jealous—simply because we are lacking behind.

The truth of the matter is, no one has an antidote for jealousy but we all have the ability to see beyond what is presented—and that is the only way, we will realize there is no reason to be jealous.

Mostly, what makes people jealous is the finished work or what has been achieved and those who do the presentation cause this by not taking us through how things were achieved. They make it seem you are cursed and they are blessed—because they just woke up one day and it happened for them.

However, if they present to you the number of times they failed, the number of times they fell sick while working on that thing, the number of sleepless nights they had and the number of sacrifices they had to make so they could achieve what is being presented, you will begin to think twice and have no reason to be jealous. At this point, you will be able to ask yourself this important question; would I be able to do the same for what has been achieved?

Jealousy breeds out of misrepresentation. People do not tell the truth and those who attempt to do—mostly tell half of the story. All we know is that Bill Gates has billions of dollars he does not need in his bank account. That sounds splendid. But if it happens that he has a kidney problem, cannot sleep at night and has no  loyal friends, would we want to swap our lives for his billions which goes with all the above?

Steve Jobs was a rich man and many people wished they were in his shoes, but he fought a deadly disease and today he is gone—leaving behind his wealth. If we can rewind time, would you want to be you or be Steve Jobs, knowing that you will die soon and leave all the millions behind? Read more