How To Live A Meaningful Life…


Most of us live as if there is no substance attached to our existence. We find peace, meaning and fulfilment in adulterated things like the latest fashion trends and latest electronics. Instead of being dependent on popular trends, why can’t we live with substance?

Life is short, beautiful and valuable. Embedded in the serenity of life is its own substance- the precious reasons we can find/allocate to our existence.

We spend most of our days chasing meaningless things as human beings, forgetting to look and find the substance hidden in life.

We are easily discouraged, tortured and defeated by the little things that do not go the way we intend, forgetting that the real substance of life goes beyond these things.

No matter what obstacles and disappointments we face, they will always be temporal and soon pass. This is why every moment of life presents us with new opportunity to self-actualization, fulfilment and finding the substance of our existence. Read more

Getting Rid Of Your Needless Needs Is The Key To Happiness


As human beings, many of us are under intense pressure to satisfy our needless needs, thereby curtailing the happiness and peace of mind we are supposed to enjoy as we journey through life.

Most of us are driven and far stretched to unbearable limits in our desire to satisfy our needs. But do we really need all those needs? The mere fact that you see something as a need in life does not really mean you need it or at that particular time, you got to have it.

The assumption of needs is a complex discipline and many have tried to wrongly simplify it by saying, needs are those you cannot do without in life.

The above is not only wrong, it also fails to take into account the distinctiveness of us as individuals, our capabilities, strength and weakness in satisfying our needs-including the fundamentals.

If your happiness and peace of mind is being curtailed by your desire to satisfy your needs, you must re-evaluate these needs to ascertain if you really need them. Read more

Happiness Lies At Your Feet And Not The Moon…


So many of us are robustly searching and seeking for happiness. Our daily activities, mindsets and probably our future endeavours with always be geared towards the attainment of happiness.

Our ensconced attitude of searching for happiness has not only kept us busy but has also introduced to us to a misconstruction-that happiness lies afar (on the moon) and we have to work hard, forgo a lot of things, beat and cheat others to reach it.

As genuine as the above may seem, it is in fact false. It is this misconception which has led us astray from the very point where happiness resides. How on earth will you find something when you are looking for that particular thing at the wrong place? No matter how much efforts you put into your search, it will still yield nothing. After all, you are searching for the non-existing. Read more