Happiness Lies At Your Feet And Not The Moon…


So many of us are robustly searching and seeking for happiness. Our daily activities, mindsets and probably our future endeavours with always be geared towards the attainment of happiness.

Our ensconced attitude of searching for happiness has not only kept us busy but has also introduced to us to a misconstruction-that happiness lies afar (on the moon) and we have to work hard, forgo a lot of things, beat and cheat others to reach it.

As genuine as the above may seem, it is in fact false. It is this misconception which has led us astray from the very point where happiness resides. How on earth will you find something when you are looking for that particular thing at the wrong place? No matter how much efforts you put into your search, it will still yield nothing. After all, you are searching for the non-existing. Read more