Why Money, Cars, Houses & Others Are Not Really WEALTH—We’ve Been Fooled for Many Years


I came across an interesting piece from Stephen Hawkings today for project Unlimited, which resonates with me on so many levels—and I’ve decided to share the idea from my perspective.

Per Stephen Hawkings which I wholly agree with him, it’s time we re-evaluate our universal conception of WEALTH—which mainly focuses on possessions or cash.

He persuasively argues that if we continue in this path, the world would become more unequal, terrible and superficial. We will continue to miss the core essence and value of life, our existence and what should sit on top of our scale of preference. Read more

It’s Not About ‘Being the Best’ But ‘Doing Your Best’

Doing Your Best
Doing Your Best

Life is a crazy difficult journey made worse by a deeply held widespread misconception to be the best at any point in time—which puts us under worthless stress and unending pressure.

Strangely, most of us confuse ‘Being the Best’ with ‘Doing Our Best’—with the latter being what life should really be about.

We desire to ‘Be the Best’ in whatever we do, competing with almost every one within our reach: even when we may not have what it takes to be the best, we still think we ought to be the best.

The two phrases: ‘Being the Best’ and ‘Doing Your Best’ may seem as though they have the same meaning or the first may come off as more desirable but it’s not. Perhaps you are asking, don’t you want to be the best if you are going to give out your best?

I have always given out my best in everything—and I have managed to always sit in the room as the Best or with the Best but I have never aspired or set off to become the Best in anything.

Conditioning your mind to be the Best can sometimes turn you into a convenient mediocre individual, especially when you are surrounded by the worst. In such situations, the little you do would put you up there as the Best but in reality, you’ve performed far below your Best.

During my early educational days to college level, my mother cared less about whether I was the Best student in class or the second Best. In fact, I was always the Best or the second Best but she never really cared as other parents did—rather, she made sure I was doing my Best and not just finding ways to be the Best in my class.

I have watched 20 students take an examination with almost half of them failing and the other half achieving something a little above 50 percent. The top child had 56 percent—and though the student was the Best in that examination, his best was really not much. And knowing the student, he did not actually do his best. Read more

My Random Thoughts! Love, Life & Mistakes


I like to think of myself as loyal but not blind, interesting but not clueless, loving but not witless, persistent but not obtuse.

And even though I am liberal, I’ve never made conservatism a taboo.

Changing has never been my problem, finding a reason to institute a change is mostly the difficult bit. I like to be convinced but a lot of people can’t push for it.

It may take a lot of energy to define a path with me but once on it, nothing can lead me astray. Such is the degree of loyalty which some confuse for rigidness.

I may have spent 4 years in a college studying a subject I later realised had no position in my future interest, but I wouldn’t dare trade my experience for anything else.

I can make good arguments as to why there is the need to love but I have never succeeded in convincing anyone as to why they should not let love go. There has never been a need for it though, because they eventually figure it out—mostly when it’s too late and their faces are full of regrets.

Though I do not consider philosophy as an academic discipline worth spending my time and money on formally, I spend the greatest part of my life studying this. And since money and time cannot be separated, a chunk of my money therefore goes in there too.

My biggest mistake in life is the automatic application of reason to everything—forgetting that, certain structures stay outside the boundaries of reason. I don’t think I need to mention women and love as the common examples.

I have had my fair share of evaluating the importance of the words before or after a person’s name—and have debated for and against the prefix motion. But it took the words of that special person to let me know that, what matters is the impact of those words, not where they fall on the name board. Read more

Inject More Excitement into Your Life…By Using this Simple, Affordable & Easy Method

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Life is one hell of a tedious adventure—at best; it’s a long boring journey full of worries and uncertainties.

The nature of life is such that, it’s not easy and things come up as though they’ve been calculated to keep messing with your plans and life. Things hardly fall where you want them to be and if you are not careful, this single important life you have will turn into a misery.

Life is no more fun for many people and it’s either they are always working yet always broke or they cannot really locate how to make their boring life interesting.

Each summer, I do simple, affordable and easy things to inject more fun and excitement into my life. It gets tough for all of us and if you do not take steps to create that excitement which takes your mind off the worries—and gives you something to always look forward to, you would end up depressed.

Depression may be a little too far but surely, we need to spice this boring life now and then so that it just doesn’t kill us early with worries and the many disasters we cannot seem to run away from.

So I have decided to talk to you about the little things I do now and then to create the needed excitement in my life. It just doesn’t only make life fun, it also introduces me to new things, new people and sometimes, makes you appreciate life more despite the hovering worries. Read more

Being Able to Enjoy Your Life…

When you talk about enjoying life, it seems like one big opportunity and a difficult enterprise to many people—but it’s pretty simple, far easier than most people think.

Many of us wrongly equate enjoying life to having riches or all the beautiful things they dream of. For such people, it takes a hell lot than necessary to truly enjoy life.

The reality is, you can enjoy your life by enjoying the simple things around you. In fact, the big riches wouldn’t be able to compete with the fulfillment you would obtain from enjoying the little things that make your life beautiful.

Taking a few minutes each day to quietly sit and reflect (not to worry) on the positives of your life; the fact that you are live, you are not sick and you are able to hope for tomorrow is the starting point to enjoying your life.

If you have good friends, make time to meet up and have conversations (not banter) about ordinary things—and you would catch yourself smiling throughout. And if you do not have good friends, leave that computer friends on facebook behind and make some real friends for this purpose.

Just take regular walks around the park when you are free and enjoy the green with no worries. Leave your worries at home for the few minutes that you walk through the green. Read more

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