3 Reasons Why Blogging May Not Be For You….


Yes, you read the title right, Blogging may not be for certain people and yet most of the bloggers online in an attempt to make quick bucks and sell their products to all are failing to point this out. Not everything is for everyone!

Despite the above, the fact that something is not for you does not mean with the right approach and sincere spirit to learn, you cannot turn things around. This same principle applies to blogging.

Reason 1- Do you have the required patience?


First, I said blogging is not for everyone because not everyone has the patience to sit around working hard and wait for a blog to grow.  I am sure by now, you would have read about certain bloggers making over $100,000 a month but what they might not have brought to your attention is how long they had to sit down and wait for these figures to start rolling in. Read more

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Blog, You Need It…

Though there are thousands of WordPress Plugins available online to be used on blogs, I personally will not advocate for stuffing your WordPress blog with unnecessary plugins.

Apart from the fact that they may slow the speed and performance of your site, most of them may need constant update and others have security flaws which will expose your blog to unbearable attacks.

However, there are certain plugins that you must have on your blog to get it working at its best. These are like your passport to board the plane, without them I know your site may still work but at its minimum level.

WP Super Cache

If you are a fan of Kung-fu movies, you would have heard the expression “in the world of Kung-fu, speed determines the winner or master” so many times. Actually, in the world of anything, speed is essential.

Your WordPress blog needs the speed to get your visitors surfing through your pages. The speed is necessary to help get you a good Google ranking. I zoom off from any blog that takes ages to load. Read more

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic Without Paying A Thing

Increase Your Blog Traffic

For whatever reason a person decides to have a blog, spending little or huge sum of money on tools and services which mostly do not work with the aim of generating traffic is never the best option.

It is commonly said that, one needs to use money to fetch money. I do agree with this adage but money can mean a lot. We all will agree that time is money, therefore, spending your previous time working on your blog is enough money spent to be able to fetch you some good returns.

If you have been in the blogging world for some time now or even if you just started, one thing you have read over and over again or will always read is that the success of your blog largely depends on your traffic. Traffic is therefore the core upon which the wellbeing of your blog rest.

There are so many businesses out there which might have approached you or will approach you with proposals to generate traffic for you in return for money. To be frank, most of these traffic schemes are scams and never help in the long run. Read more

5 WordPress Practices That Would Easily Get Your Blog Hacked

Certainly, no one wants to work hard on a blog for hours or years and see it hacked.

Even though it is difficult to stay ahead of hackers when it comes to blogs, there are various simple things that most WordPress blog users fail to adhere to which open the security doors of their blogs for hackers to jump in.

Failing To Update Your WordPress:

To be frank, it is sometimes annoying that after updating WordPress, within 2 or 3 days, another update alert pops up on your blog.  Most bloggers cannot be bothered to keep their WordPress versions up to date.

I will not say this is out of laziness since if you have a blog and you are passionate about it, simply clicking the automatic update button which comes with WordPress should not be any hard work for you. After all, you spend hours to research and write quality post, so why can’t you simply click on update and get it going?

Most bloggers just ignore the update alert with the mindset that, they will do it later on in the day or will get it done tomorrow.

Eventually, this never gets done. Most of the WordPress Blogs have seen hacked are those the owners have mostly failed to keep them updated. Do not become a victim of this, keep your WordPress blogs up to date. Read more

Why Most Blogs Fail, Is Your Blog Making Enough Money Online?

I have come across people in the world of blogging attributing the failure of many blogs to the ease at which a blog can be set up coupled with the no or less cost of running a blog syndrome.

Though the above are two of the numerous reasons why most blogs fail or have failed, I believe there is a common and far serious reason why most blogs are unable to survive the non money making stage to make it to the “cash in” stage.

It is always refreshing and challenging to read and learn that certain big blogs like my all time favourites “JohnChow.Com” and “ProBloggers.Net” are making more than 30 thousand US Dollars each month.

The fact that many are making it with their blogs means you can also do it. In the same light, the fact that many have failed with their blogs and cannot even make a living out of them also means you can fall into the failing ditch of blogging. Read more