How to Start A Blog for Less than 100GHS & Make As Much As Over 5000 GHS A Month Easily


I have been blogging for over a decade and if you care to know, that’s my full time job—meaning, I make enough to pay for my expensive rent in UK, bills, car insurance and everything.

I even paid for Law School with the revenue from my blogs; this is the reason why I did not take any student loan in the United Kingdom.

And it cost a hell lot of money to go through the Law School—so this should give you an idea as to the limitless revenue potential of any blog.

Today, I am to guide you on how to start your blog for as little as less than 1000 GHS—and then open yourself to the potential of making as much as you can imagine or 5000GHS a month easily.

My sister quit her job as a nurse in Ghana late last year to become a blogger and she is making three times the salary she earned as a nurse in just 2 and half months—and she just started so she will soon be racking things up.

Some years ago, I helped a friend-Ameyaw Debrah from Ghana with a blog just as I am about to help you, and today he is making a lot money from it as a full time blogger based in Ghana. I bought his domain name, provided a web space/hosting and designed his blog for him. Read more

8 Solid Ways to Get FREE Traffic to Your Blog or Website


Some few years ago, the problem was mainly how to set up a blog or a website—which made several companies and individuals who charged thousands of dollars for website/blog step-ups rich.

Today, it’s easy to set up a blog and I even offer a service where I set up blogs for FREE for whoever wants to be part of the blogging world. (CLICK HERE to take advantage of this if you need a FREE blog set up.)

Now, the most difficult and expensive part of the whole online dominance or presence is driving traffic to your website.

Those with money to spend can hire expert companies to do this for them—and even that, the result is not always great.

Small business and individuals who are on tight budgets and therefore cannot buy traffic struggle to drive visitors to their websites—something I intend to make less of a burden with this post.

It’s true that content is King; but if you have great contents and no one is reading it—it’s pretty useless.

It is fairly the same as setting up a restaurant, employing the best chefs from around the world to cook your delicous food with no one coming in to buy.

You come across several blogs online with great layouts, priceless contents and yet, no traffic—the owners may keep writing without readers. But mostly, the bloggers eventually give up because of the hovering frustration of ‘no traffic’ which would definitely settle.

Therefore, while I maintain that content is KING, I also added that, Traffic is Queen. It’s only when you have the two at your side that you would become a successful blogger or internet marketer.

You can have several great products to sell but if you have no traffic to pitch these products to them or have no visitors to buy, it becomes a worthless effort of products creation.

The importance of traffic in the world of the web cannot be undermined: it is the wheel on which every successful online business runs—therefore we all need it. Read more

Share Your Thoughts Online & Be Paid For Doing So | My Friend Makes Over $1000 A Month From Just Doing This

Black African American teenage girl with a afro haircut using a

I read a lot of interesting messages or mini articles on Facebook from a bunch of friends who do not really know the worth of their thoughts—and who have probably not considered being paid for the value they add to the web.

The web is a big business which flourishes on content: so instead of helping build the web with great contents for free, why don’t you get paid for every contribution you make?

I have countless friends who make over 2,000 dollars each month online—and that’s not their main job, it’s just something they do for fun. Something they would have done regardless of the money.

And the truth is, many of us are spending a lot of time online without considering getting paid for this time.

Let me tell you about how easily one of my many online friends in USA is making enough money to cover her car note and rent each month—by just sharing her thoughts on whatever is of interest to her at any point in time. Read more

Why Africa Needs More Independent Media Outlets Like the Blogs…

a black laptop computer with a red megaphone
Independent Media

I am a great admirer and supporter of Independent media such as blogs—and we need more of these in a place like Africa.

The big and established media houses like the BBC, CNN, RT and the others in the West play to the corporate interest a lot—in Africa such practice is far dangerous as most of the readers/viewers are not discerning enough to read in-between the lines.

I once told my friend; “if you ever want to hear the truth—read the independent blogs, forget the big shots.” It is not that the people who work for these big media houses do not have integrity, they do, but most of these media houses have compromised their positions because of certain interests and worldview.

My mate from law school who worked for one of the biggest media houses in UK recently quit her job to become a blogger. It’s a tough decision but she is full of smiles as her editor will no longer bin her articles, simply because, they cannot publish that about a hidden corporate sponsor and a friend of the media. Read more

What is A Good Domain Name for Your Blog or Website? | The Don’ts & Dos

Domain Name
Domain Name

Choosing what will later become a good name for your blog or website can be a difficult task—in fact, most people get this wrong. There isn’t really any domain rules which must be followed for a purchase to go through. You can buy whatever domain name you want provided it does not belong to anyone else.

So you can decide to even buy the domain name for you blog or website. It’s entirely an option but would you buy such a domain?

I doubt any reasonable person would ever opt for such a domain for the obvious reason—which is, how the hell are you going to remember it, let alone your potential visitors, readers or customers?

So this bring us to one of the key points you must consider when looking to buy a domain name.

1. The Name Must Be Easy to Spell, Easy to Remember and If Possible Short

You are not the only one going to be visiting your blog or website—in fact you are setting up the website or blog for others; people you do not really know and as such cannot know what they can spell and remember. But objectively, we can always figure out words which should be easy to remember or spell, even by the most dumb person in the room.

This is how you have to think; which name is easy to spell or would be easy to be remembered—preferably short? Look at domain names like Facebook.Com, BBC.Com, Yahoo.Com, YouTube.Com, TopVincent.Com and several others out there. Take cue from how easy they are to spell and the fact that, you can lock it in your mind if you actually want to.

Someone once asked me this; what is a good domain name. And my answer was, that name which is catchy, short and easy to remember. Read more