The Luxury of Working for Yourself–What Only the Few Smart Ones Enjoy


About 10 years ago, I was like many of you; I enrolled at the Law School, studying hard and with the sole aim to become a lawyer by working for a law firm–9 to 5 or 9 to 7.

I didn’t see anything wrong with this–in fact my entire education, even at the masters level, seems to help entrench the notion of working for someone.

You are born, you go to school and then after that, you will find a job and work until 65 years or 60. And then go on pension at 65–following which you may die at 70 or if you are not lucky, while even working. So you only live for 5 years without really not working; that’s even when you are old, weak or sick to enjoy this free time.

The above is the norm; what majority do and what I was going to do too.

Then I started reading articles online from some very smart and happy people like Zen Habit, John Chow and the others who challenged the status quo

They said trading your time for money (working for someone) is the dumbest way to make money in life–at first, I didn’t understand it.

And then I realised; the most important luxury to have in life is time–but then time without money is useless. A lot of people have money but do not have time to even enjoy it or spend it with the people that matter.

The balance is; have enough time and enough money which only a few smart people have.

So I decided to join this smart clan, they call themselves the new rich–rich in time and money. And all they did was to work for themselves–by creating systems that will be making them money even when they are sleeping.

I came online at 5am today because I couldn’t really sleep. So I decided to work on my dissertation for my second masters, due for September submission. Read more

Take Advantage of the Black Friday Sales And Start Your Own Blog for Less Than 3 Dollars–to Start Making Money Online

Black Friday Sales
Black Friday Sales

Globally, retailers are going crazy today with huge sale offers–and as always, if you want to buy something, you have 24 hours slot to get the best bargain ever. So if you ever wanted to start a blog, this is the hour to kick-start it.

Blogging has been my source of income for the last few years. I make enough to pay for my expensive rent in UK, bills, car insurance and everything.

I even paid for Law School with the revenue from my blogs; this is the reason why I did not take any student loan in the United Kingdom.

And it cost a hell lot of money to go through the Law School—so this should give you an idea as to the limitless revenue potential of any blog.

My sister quit her job as a nurse in Ghana late last year to become a blogger and she is making three times the salary she earned as a nurse in just 2 and half months—and she just started so she will soon be racking things up. Read more

Start Your Own Blog Today And Receive Free One-to-One Support & Mentorship From Chris-Vincent…


Over the years, I’ve helped several people become bloggers. Many of such people are making enough money from this enterprise to the extent that they’ve become full time bloggers.

And in the last few months, I’ve been freely setting up blogs for people who are interested in sharing their opinions online—-so that they can do this easily and also make money while at it.

The truth is; I usually charge 400 dollars to set up a blog for people by getting all the technical bits sorted out for them. I take care of the Server and DNS business—-and erect the blog online after which I furnish the owners with their login details to just start blogging.

What I have been recently doing to help people is to freely set up blogs for them and provide them with some resource on how to run a successful blog as well as how they can monetise their blogs and make money from it. Read more

FIXED: Previous Non-Compliance Google Adsense Violation | How to Resolve This Site Level Violation

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 14.42.39
Google Adsense

Google Adsense currently has two violation levels; site level violations and account level violations—-with publishers receiving notifications of the former frequently, to be resolved mostly within 3 working days.

One of the confusing yet easy to fix site level violations, which I recently was warned of, is what Google Adsense terms as “Previous Non-Compliance.”

This is pretty vague on the face of it, but when you read the message that comes with the warning (the place shown in red below), you are somewhat told what the problem is. Read more

How To Install And Run WordPress On An iPage Server

1Some months back we wrote about, “Let Me Set Up A Blog for You for Less Than 100 GHS Today & You Can Make As Much As 6000 GHS Each Month Easily” of which we fully and vividly explained how to get a cheap and effective hosting.

Today I am going to teach you how to set up your blog on the server. It is very easy to install wordpress on an iPage server. It basically takes little or no technical know-how.

Roll with me as i take you through the process of installing worpress on an iPage shared hosting server. Read more

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