Your Life is Equally Beautiful and Meaningful…


Life is too short to keep procrastinating—and yet many of us have become masters of procrastination. It’s not just the hard work we push forward, hoping to get it done some other day; we even let go the fun, hoping to catch it up later in life.

But truly, the only time we have in life is now—and everything we deem important must be acted on now.  Tomorrow may seem just around the corner, but we many never get to see it.

I have met several people who look at my life and say, your life is beautiful and you have a lot of meaningful things going on—mostly, these comments come on days when I feel I am slacking. Though not fully true, they mostly remind me of the need to take on the challenges of life and do the things which matter to me today—as if tomorrow is not an option.

Everyone body has a beautiful life—the secret lies in how we present it to the world and more importantly, to ourselves. When it comes to meaning, we define it—and even though living a meaningful life may seem like a difficult task, it’s pretty easy.

To live a meaningful life is to be happy—and to find purpose in all the small things you do. Instead of waiting for that big opportunity, take the small one available—and move to the next small one. Instead of waiting forever for that big adventure, join the little adventure and eventually, when you add up all the little adventures and opportunities, it would make your life beautiful and meaningful. Read more

Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable…

woman runner training for marathon


Being comfortable is the ideal position and every person strives to make a home on this land, except those who are eager to keep moving—and achieve more in life.

Achievers break the chain and to do this, they must leave their comfort zone to uncomfortably crack their knuckles.

If you are comfortable in life, then it’s a sign that you’ve settled for less or you are just not looking to keeping moving forward.

An athlete may be comfortably running for 1 hour without a sweat but if the same athlete decides to run for 3 hours, the race would become uncomfortable for him—meaning, the more you desire to achieve, the more uncomfortable things would be for you.

For many great achievers, the true indicators of either they are moving forward or stagnating in life is how comfortable or uncomfortable they find their position at any point in time.

If you are comfortably making 1000 bucks a month then it means you can make 2000 bucks if you put in extra work—however, that also means, you would be uncomfortable doing the extra work. Read more

Empty Prosperous New Year Messages | New Year Will Bring You Something GREAT Only If You Change Your Mindset

Happy New Year 2015 greeting card vector illustration

Out of self pity and the desire to achieve a lot without cultivating the needed conditions have given birth to this conception of ‘new year and prosperity’—I think.

The fact that each new year, people wish a lot of positive things into their lives and send out messages (mostly copied and pasted) to others prophesying greatness into their lives have not really yielded the needed greatness cannot stop this culture. And this is because, most human beings want things without working for them—or do not want to change anything but they expect different results with the same input.

It is quite a joke to think that, the mere fact that we have restarted the counting of the months means you are going to become a millionaire without changing anything about yourself or your mind.

Perhaps, it’s time someone is able to look into our faces and tell us the truth; nothing will change in your life in 2015 if you do not make a conscious effort to change your mindset and attitude. The only guaranteed change a New Year brings is; you become a year older per our way of measurement.

Unless you have some pending inheritance which you can get access to only by virtue of turning a certain age (time measurement), there is no point in being excited about some dreams you are not ready to work hard for.

If you were 25 years old last year and there is a million dollar sitting in a bank account for your to access when you turn 26, then you have every right to be joyful—but to simply shout and jump because a lot of greatness is coming your way in the new year is pretty absurd. Read more

Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life

Whether you buy into the school of thought which states that we come into this world with a defined purpose or the other which suggests that we come here with no purpose but we find a purpose while here—one thing is clear now that we are here, we’ve agreed on some sort of individual purpose.

Finding your purpose in this world can be difficult—and as many are still searching for what they will consider their purpose, others have already found theirs.

Whatever the situation is, leaving a legacy behind or making a positive impact in whatever little way possible can be a great purpose or help define your purpose.

Even if you feel you’ve not found that well defined purpose yet, there is a one within us all which is to do good—and help those we can, so to make this world a better place.

Each day as we journey through life in search or in attempt to fulfil our purpose, we must not leave behind the weak and the elderly, we must not step on every one possible so that we can achieve what we want. We must help those we meet on our way and bring with us to the dine those who are hungry.

We must look around us and pick up the little things which can easily influence and leave positive marks on those around us—and together, these things will build up to be that great legacy we may live behind.

You do not need a lot of money or even money at all to fulfil the general inner purpose of helping those who are in need. What you need is time and being alive is just enough.

For most people, it would be possible to volunteer few hours a day to help in our communities—the needy children and elderly, the homeless and the destitute would appreciate our help and even if not, we will be walking through the light of purpose.

We must use each day to give meaning, love and energy to purpose that exists in us and even if we are not here for any grand purpose, the little will add up to form an enviable legacy we can live behind.

Each day must be lived in fulfilment of a purpose—and it must start today in the smallest way possible…

End the Blame Game and Take Charge of Your Life

It is easier not to do something in life than to do it—and I could have found a lot of things to blame (and not write this article) yet I choose to get it done.

My back hurts and that is a good reason not to have written this. I could have just watched the movie being shown on TV now and not be bothered about writing this.

In life, there are countless things which can be blamed for our omissions or actions—and you do not have to look afar just to find that perfect excuse or person to throw the blame on.

Instead of blaming your situation and the many things you do not have control over, why don’t you just accept it and deal with it—and then work on making something positive out of whatever situation you find yourself?

When something bad happens—everyone expects to hear the blame games and this is when you can shock people by looking beyond the blame game and creating something positive out of the situation.

You can find someone or something to blame for your poor performance at work or in school and also for the fact that your dreams are not coming true. You can blame even the spirits or God for not being helpful. You can spend time looking back and blaming everyone else including yourself for what has fallen apart.

Or you can decide to embrace what went wrong and look forward to making things better. Learn from the mistakes and move beyond what everyone seems to know how to do best; apportioning blames.

Why spend time blaming others or situations when you can use the time and energy to move forward—and move beyond whatever went wrong?

Anytime something falls apart or goes wrong, consider the way forward and ignore the human tendency to apportion blames. Things wouldn’t get done or be changed by simply finding the right bearer of the blame.

Things will only get done if you pick up the broken pieces and take a bold forward step.

Consider every moment in life as an opportunity to create something positive even if that moment falls at a bad time. Every moment must be grabbed and not be wasted on blaming others, yourself or situations.